Your call is very important to us…

I’ve been a busy little code monkey…

I’ve installed a ‘trouble ticket’ system to manage support issues for FrameAlbum.  Some (Ok, most) of you who have emailed me in the past (at may have received a reply stating that a ‘…human will reply shortly.’.  I’m in the process of sorting through those, and replying to folks to whom I’ve been woefully remiss.

I’ve also installed a ‘bug tracker’.  I’ll use this to record bugs that are discovered by you, intrepid users, and to manage the ‘feature roadmap’ for future versions of FrameAlbum.

Both of these items are ‘behind the curtain’ but are important for the maintenance of my sanity as well as the experience of folks using the service.

Source code ready for ‘early review’

Lastly, but of greater significance to many folks here, I’ve finally managed to cobble together a GIT repository of the FrameAlbum source code.  I’m using the new service from Atlassian (makers of Jira, Confluence and many other tools for developers).  I’m going to open this up only to a few people at first so that I can insure that I’ve left nothing ‘secret’ in the GIT version of the code.  If you are interested in having a look at the sausage machine that is FrameAlbum, hop on over to and register yerself.  Ping me when you’re registered.

Ciao for now!