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Oh drat these computers, they’re so naughty and so complex, I could pinch them!

Sooo….  As some of you may now Amazon Web Services, upon which this blog is running, suffered some ‘issues’ yesterday.  Unfortunately, I was in the middle of doing some work on this site when the problem arose and… long story short…  I lost some files.

I have been able to restore the database that contains all the posts and other data related to the blog but most of the image files posted since last February are bits-in-the-wind.

Thankfully, the links to the full sized versions on Flickr are still valid so if you simply click on the broken image link you’ll see the image in full screen glory.

I’ll try to find time to restore them, but, well… life.


World of Warships Update Server IP address range

So I’ll admit to playing video games.  It is a guilty pleasure indeed.  I spend most of my ‘game time’ on Eve Online but that requires a fair amount of contiguous time to really enjoy.

World of Warships logo graphic
World of Warships

If I’m into a quick fix I’ll fire up World Of Warships and send a few fellow gamers to the depths of the WWII era Pacific Ocean.

Today they issued a big update to the game and my PC refused to download the update.   A quick look at my firewall indicated it was being blocked as being “a suspicious Torrent download”.  Normally it would be a simple case of adding the update server to my firewall ‘good guy’ list and all would be well.  As it happens, in this case there are several servers involved so I had to track them all down and add them all.  I thought I’d share my findings in case anyone else would find it useful (read: In case I forget in the future).,,,

These IPs served my location in Northeast North America – YMMV


You still use PERL?!?

Yes, I do.  Along with a bunch of other non-hip tools such as PHP, Apache, Squid,MySQL – I guess that makes me ‘old-school’. 😉

I came across a blog post today that identified an entire toolset for PERL based development ground in today’s best practices for software engineering.  Good stuff.