Contrary to the common usage of the term, I consider WalMart the Evil Empire. They destroy locally owned business, strong-arm local governments into granting the zoning variances needed for their behemoth stores and feeds the Chinese slave.. err.. employment market.

I just wanna punch that little smug, smiling, yellow bastard. Pardon my French but what the freck is the difference between $1.99 and $1.86 for a bottle of shampoo? As if 13 cents were a life altering change in my life. “Gee honey, I just saved 13 cents on shampoo! Let’s go to Disney World!”

When I first read that “the W store” had started up a MySpace-like site to appeal to teens and tweens I fell off my chair laughing. After I saw the site, I had to grab for my O2 bottle (you do have an oxygen bottle by your desk, don.t you?). This is the lamest thing I have seen since that thing Whoopi did with online currency.

What teen/tween is going to be duped by the scripted pseudo-hip on this site? Remember folks this is the same company that sells guns and ammo alongside sanitized versions of CDs and DVDs. They are sanitized because the violence and ‘harsh language’ are “harmful to our youth”.

I guess the guns are just a huge bear hug of support and happiness.