About the ‘StreamingMeeMee’…

StreamingMeeMeeOk, so the question that everyone asks is “Why ‘streamingmeemee’?”. No, honest, they do!

Two startups ago, we were sitting around trying to come up with interesting titles to include on our business cards. At a previous job I had been known as the ‘WebCrusader’. Of course you have to bear in mind that this was when the ‘web’ was a new thing and it needed Champions to crusade on it’s behalf. But I digress.

‘WebCrusader’ was clearly no longer appropriate; the web was doing just fine on it’s own by now thank-you-very-much and this gig was something entirely different. I had joined a CDN (the now long dead Adero, Inc) as ‘Principal Streaming Media Engineer’. Ok, so I can hear the wheels churning in your heads now, but don’t jump ahead!

So as we’re sitting there I’m thinking, “Hmm… streaming…. screaming…. screaming-me-me… Ah Ha!”. I started with ‘Streaming MeMe’ but that came out as ‘meme’, so that wouldn’t do. I added an extra ‘e’ to emphasis the meeee’ part and the ‘StreamingMeeMee’ was born!

It has the added benefit of being unique on any IM service, email server or other ID-requiring site I’ve ever visited. Joy!

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7 thoughts on “About the ‘StreamingMeeMee’…”

  1. Are Staples and of course You happy with the product and service that Muzak is providing? Seems like there has been mixed reviews from the comments I have been reading about Staples in store radio.

    Would love to know.


  2. I am no longer involved with Staples Radio. However, I continue to work closely with Muzak on several other accounts. The answer to your question is a bit complex; the people running the service day-to-day are top notch professionals. However, the delivery platforms are desperately in need of updating. The customer facing interfaces are basically non-existent.

    Aren’t you glad you asked? 😉

  3. Yo Tim, I’m in a very unkown band Swingset Committee. My bro said he heard one of our songs in Staples in San Antonio yesterday. Is that really possible? We are registered with Pump…..maybe that’s it?

  4. It’s possible, but rather unlikely. Muzak isn’t known for programming emerging artists on their feeds. It’s rather more likely that the local staff have unplugged the Muzak receiver and replaced it with an iPod. 😉

  5. What was the name of the songs on 10/11/2020 between 10:00 am and 12:00pm that played in staple stores. Thanks.

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