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58 thoughts on “Contact Me(eMee)”

  1. Hi, just can’t use your service on my Rollei 3086 because:

    He asked for a UserName AND Pin when Setting up the old Framechannel


    when trying to set up the rss.. it does not allow me to enter the symbol “=”. It’s just not available, so I can’t enter the corret feed url. Any ideas?

  2. Thanks for all the work on framealbum.. i have a tosihba Frame and have everything setup but the channel just shows will be updated shortly even after leaving is set overnight. Is there a way to tell Picassa what album I want. I also just added flickr to see if it would work. thanks for the help

  3. Is everything ok with Framealbum? My frame hasn’t shown pictures the past few days, so I logged into the site. It looks like the site might have been corrupted.

  4. It looks like Flickr might have changed its feeds again. I setup a feed with the flickr username as I always have, and after an hour or so the blue “waiting for pictures” screen is replaced with nothing. The flickr user is still there. I’ve already lost flickr on my Chumby (Sony Dash). I hope I’m not losing it on my frame as well 🙂

  5. Is the FrameAlbum site still working? I got my Toshiba frame activated, but all I get is the feed not available screen.

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