Stupid like you read about…

Along with about a third of the population of North America we planned to travel this holiday season. In our case it meant a trip to Kalamazoo MI for a gathering of the clan, the first in over 2 years. We booked the flights several weeks ago optimizing for cost over schedule. As a result we were booked on a 6AM flight.

I’ve been traveling a fair bit recently, Chicago and LA this month alone, so when the time came to drive to the airport, 3:30AM thank you very much, I was on auto-pilot. Of course, we scheduled this flight long before we knew my company party would be happening the night before, nor that L’s company party would be the night before that. Needless to say we were zombies.

We make great time; arrive at the off-airport parking lot, hop in the shuttle, bounce our way to the terminal and queue up with the other zombies waiting to check in. We pounce on a ‘self check-in kiosk’ and jam the credit card in to get our reservation. Hmm… nothing found. No worries, I’ll just enter in the destination airport code, AZO. Double-Hmm… nothing found. I enter the confirmation number – bzzzt! No check in for you! Now, I’m worried. Continue reading

Where did Dreamland Blues go?

After years of the gracious hospitality of a long-time friend Dreamland Blues Radio is moving to a new home. I was not able to finish construction of the new site before the old site was taken down so things are up in the air for a bit.

Fear not, after 9 years I’m not about to give up now! Talk amoungst yourself until I get things patched back together.

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