Where did Dreamland Blues go?

After years of the gracious hospitality of a long-time friend Dreamland Blues Radio is moving to a new home. I was not able to finish construction of the new site before the old site was taken down so things are up in the air for a bit.

Fear not, after 9 years I’m not about to give up now! Talk amoungst yourself until I get things patched back together.

I sure do have an itchy shutter finger…

We shot over 1520 images during our trip to India! We’ve spent the last 3 weekends reviewing them, tossing the obviously ‘bad’ ones and tweaking some of our faves.

Now comes the hard part… carving that list down to a management number that I can post to my Flickr account.  In the mean time I’m going to return the photo stream link on the left to point back to my camphone pics.

And then reality set it…

Tonight we give our good-byes to our new friends and leave for home. I’ve posted a few more shots on the photo stream but this will be it until we return.

After the food we’ve had the last 10 days I’m sure the food back home will be very bland. But I am looking forward to sleeping in the same bed for more than 2 nights in a row.

See ya when we get home!

…then he said the magic word… TIGER!

Extraordinary! Everywhere we look is a perfect picture. I have no clue how I’m going to edit down the massive number of photos we’ve taken. I have no idea how I would have done this with a film camera.

The highlight of the last few days, and for me the high point of the trip, was a visit to the Ranthambore Nature Park. Of course the main goal was to see a tiger, but the park has a large number of other indigenous animals. We saw sambar deer, spotted deer, macaque monkeys, mongoose, tree pies, green parrots to name just a few. It wasn’t until the second of two trips through the park, bouncing furiously on the two-track trail, when the spotter indicated that we should all be quiet. He then after a few tense seconds, pointed into the woods and uttered the word I had been hoping to hear… TIGER!

We lingered for almost an hour as she rolled around under the shade, played in a small pond, and then trotted off. It was amazing!

I’ve uploaded a few new pics to the Flickr photostream. As always, you can see them on the left, just click on them to see bigger versions.

There is PLENTY of other stuff to share, but connection time is precious. More later…

Update [2008-dec-14]: I’ve added links in the original post that lead to related pics in my Flickr India trip photo set. The entire set (319 shots) can be viewed as a slide show here.

India – We made it!

We arrived in Delhi a few days ago, safe and sound, albeit a bit tired. It has been a non-stop sensory assault ever since! I only have a few minutes to send this update so I have to be brief.

In these last few days we’ve see the the Tomb of Akbar the Great, the Taj Mahal, the Agra fort, the ‘Baby Taj’, large extents of the Indian countryside and tons more. Everywhere you look there is a photograph. After only a few days here it has really struck home to me that we in the ‘States really have almost nothing when it comes to great monuments of historic human construction.

I’ve upload a few highlights from the last few days into my Flickr account. You can get there by clicking on any of the pics on the left side.

More later!

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