More on HDCP, DRM and HD playback within WIndows Vista

It seems that ATI and nVidia have been using ‘marketing speak’ (read: lying) about HDCP support in their current line of cards/chipsets.  It seems that none of the shipping cards support HDCP despite indications on the manuf. web sites, and on the retail boxes that they do. <sigh>

What is HDCP you ask?  HDPC, or High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, is a specificiation to control digital audio and video content as it is sent accross DVI or HDMI connections.  Basically, it’s DRM at the physical layer.  You will need an HDCP complaint video card to view HD, Blu-Ray or HD-DVD content on your shiny new Vista PC.  Oh, and your display device (monitor, Plasma TV, LCD TV, projector) will need to be HDCP compliant as well.

When will it end?  Will I have to provide a retina scan to view my time-shifted recordings of Battlestar Galactica?  DNA samples to prove that I am ‘worthy’ to watch Sopranos?  Hollywood truely does hate me.

Oh, and don’t think the folks in the music industry like me either.  The RIAA has recently stated that I can not resell legally purchased digital tracks, nor can I rip my legally purchased CDs to a portable player.  Let’s just watch them try to stop me.

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Hollywood Hates You

A great resource for Asterisk@Home

This site has a ton of great hints/tips/projects utilziing the Asterisk open-source VoIP PBX project.

I found the series on using your bluetooth headset/handset as a ‘presence’ detector especially intersting.  It explains how to use this detector to route your calls automatically based on your presence or absence.  Trécool.

Nerd Vittles » 50 Great Halftime Projects Using Your Free Asterisk@Home PBX

If only more VCs (and investors) thought this way…

One of the scariest phrases/clichéI hear in board meetings and conversations among VCs is .we need a suit to run this company. or its cousin .we need a suit to take this company public.. It is so scary because so many suits are empty.

All it takes is one company destroyed by an empty suit to make you realize that it.s what is in the head and the heart that matters not what kind of clothes the person wears.

This guy (Fred Wilson from FlatIron Partners in NYC) is my new hero. It doesn’t hurt that they are an investor in what might actually save broadcast radio, HD (Digital) Radio. That, and he specifically mentions facial hair, something near and dear to my chin, in his list of things cliche VCs don’t want to find on people running companies.

A VC: VC Clichéf the Week

Tweakin the blog…

I’ve added a new plugin to WordPress that makes it a bit easier for folks to subscribe to my feed. ‘Subscribe Me‘ adds the handy buttons on the sidebar to enable one-click subscriptions for users of My MSN, My Yahoo!, Google and Bloglines as well as normal RSS users.

Be sure to let me know what you think of it.

Update: I’ve also switched the ‘theme’ (WordPress-speak for ‘visual design & layout’) of the site to something a bit less ‘defaultesque’.

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