A copyright decision that I agree with — Amazing!

It should come as no surprise to any regular readers of my blog that I feel that copyright laws have been controverted into a blunt instrument used by the media companies to beat customers into submission.  However, in this case, the shining beacon of reason has burst forth.

In his opinion Judge Richard P. Matsch stated that the practice of commercially santizing movies was an ‘illegitmate business’ that caused ‘irreparable injury to the creative artistic expression in the copyrighted movies.”.

Most Hollywood blockbusters not withstanding, movies are an art form and should be viewed as realized by the creative people that created it.  Can you imagine Michelangelo’s David with the middle 1/3 removed?  I thought not.

CBC Arts: Axing sex, swearing from films violates copyright: court

What not to do on your last day on the job

I normally pay scant attention to sports but we were invited by a friend to watch the World Cup finals (in HD thank you very much) and drink some adult beverages.  We were happily chatting away, my interest having wained a bit after 120+ minutes of non-scoring ‘action’ when I noticed a quick jump cut and an Italian player flying through the air.

A quick flick of the Tivo remote and the amazing details of the event were reveiled.  Apparently unprovoked, premeditated (he obvioulsy check to be sure the ref. wasn’t watching) and a bit surreal.  This behaviour would not be tolerated in an NHL game, could it possible be acceptable during an event as prestigious as World Cup?  Happily, a line official did witness it and he was tossed.

Zidane must have had one too many balls to head.  He decided, during the final game of a World Cup, as captain of his national team, during his last game with that team, that it was a good idea to head butt an opposing team member.  Despite his illustrious career, whatever other accomplishments he has acchieved, he’ll be remember for this event.  Not exactly the legacy one would strive to leave behind.

Sadly, it seems that the players at the highest levels of professional sports are guilty of violently anti-social behaviour, both on and off the field.  How are these people still employed?  If anyone in the ‘normal world’ head-butted a co-worker on the job they would very likely be immediatly terminated and charged with a crime.  What were the consequences of this holligans actions?  tossed from the game (and some may argue the end of France’s chances to win the Cup).

If this is an example of World Cup play then I’m glad I missed it.

SI.com – 2006 World Cup – Zidane sent off for headbutt in farewell match – Sunday July 9, 2006 7:18PM

You do the crime, you do the time… that is unless your lawyer knows a senator

Orrin Hatch, of all people, was able to get R&B producer Dallas Austin a ‘get out of jail free’ card after Dallas’ recent conviction for coccaine possession in Dubai.

Granted, 4 years in a UAE jail for possession of 1.26 grams (that’s about 1 and 1/4 raisins worth) of coke seems a bit harsh but it’s their country, they get to make the rules.  This whole deal turns on the fact that both Hatch and Austin retain the services of one Joel A Katz, an entertainment lawyer in Atlanta.  So Austin phones home, Katz calls Hatch and Hatch calls Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and WHAM!, Austin is released.

I’m sure this had nothing to do with Hatch’s support of the DP World bid to to manage several American ports.  Nah….

I’m also sure that Hatch’s campaign fund will get a few hip-hop bling thrown it’s way.  That just makes me laugh.  Maybe he just wants a new record deal.

Politics sure does make strange bedfellows.

CNN.com – GOP senator helped hip-hop producer dodge coke sentence – Jul 8, 2006

U must b joeking

So it seems that this idea goes back to the likes of Carnegie (Yes, the guy that built all those libraries) and Roosevelt (Teddy, not Frankin). Whilist these two certainly have a few neurons twitching between their ears the idea of altering the spelling of the English language because ‘it’s too hard to learn’ is clearly targeted at those who smoked way too much weed.

What’s next? Changing our systems of weights and measures so that they are based on a simple base 10 system? Wait… Oh… right.

BTW, get a load of the the woman’s name in the caption in the upper left. Seems like she should start her crusade a bit closer to home.

Push for simpler spelling persists – Boston.com

Camphone photostream added

I love my phone. Ok, so love may be a bit strong but I really, really like my phone. One of the many trécool features is a 0.3M pixel camera. Yes, I know, the 0.3M pixel is pretty pathetic in today’s world of 5-10M pixel cameras but there is no beating this little gem for portability and spontaneity.

I’ve combined this with the mondo-popular Flickr photo sharing service and the new Shozu camphone publishing service. Shozu provides a downloadable application for my (and other) phones that will automatically post my camphone shots to Flickr. It does require an Internet data plan for your phone and since you will love this service to death, an unlimited data plan is recommended. 😉

In addition to uploading pics directly from your phone, it will also download any comments posted on your Flickr pics back to your phone and display them in the album. Sweet.

This is a long introduction to a new feature of my blog, a view of my Flickr photostream on the left sidebar. You can click on any of the images to be transported to my Flickr site and an enlarged version of the pic. The sidebar will display the 3 most recent camphone shots I’ve uploaded with the most recent at the top.

Ain’t technology grand?

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