And now for a word from Engineering…

One often asks one’s self, “Self, How many is too many?” Here’s the answer I got from myself.

– 1 motorcycle accident

– 3 startups, concurrently

– 115 comment spams in a single hour

The first one, a Tim vs. Tree incident I discussed briefly yesterday. The second is a side-effect of my personality, sad but true.

The last however, has a technology solution. A quick trip to Goggle lead me to the WordPress plug-in Spam Karma 2. The install process was completely painless; from download to running in about 10 minutes.

Once installed and running it examines all comments posted to the blog and assigns each a ‘karma value’. The points associated with certain characterstics of the message along with the actions to take based on the total karma are highly customizable. Even the admin interface is adjustable (basic vs. advanced); Brilliant!
I dug deep into my long (long, long, LONG) systems architecture and engineering experience bag and pulled out a basic tenant of systems design: “Go with the defaults!”. This is, of course, second only to the first tenant; “Let’s try rebooting”. Both are dwarfed of course, by the immortal words of Tech Support minions everwhere; “Ok, try it now.”.

According to the handy dashboard, in the first hour of operation SK2 squashed a grin-inducing 22 comment spams. Sweet.

What year Honda Civic?

I ride a motorcycle and before you ask, Yes, I do wear a helmet. I’m still not sure if Mom is aware of this fact; ever since the ‘incident’ back in High School where I went head-to-bark with a tree I’ve been loath to discuss the entire subject with her. But I digress…

I work in downtown Boston and parking here follows the general rules of economics; a scarce commodity begets high prices. Bearing this in mind, and the fact that most commercial lots do not accept two-wheeled vehicles I opt to park on the street. By .on the street. I mean anyplace I can wedge my scooter into without creating a public nuisance or putting it into the likely path of a garbage truck or Starbucks starved commuter.

In fact, I found a .perfect. place directly across the street from my office. It is a space along the curb approx. 25 feed wide, bounded by posted no parking zones, (what the hell is a .counsul tag. anyway?) centered on a fire hydrant. I back up against the curb, with my rear wheel touching, at one of the extremes of the space to maximize my distance from the hydrant. parked here on numerous occasions without incident. Imagine my surpize to emerge from my office to discover the day-glow-can-see-it-from-space orange ticket slipped under my seat strap. .HYDRANT. was listed as the violation. I proceeded to step off the distance between the hydrant and my bike, 11 .boots.. ( the happy coincidence of having feet that are close enough to 1 foot long to double as measuring sticks. Thanks Mom & Dad). A few quick snaps with my camphone to document the scene and I was off. Continue reading

This site is… well… Damn Interesting

Ok, so I’ve been a bit radio silent of late.

You may have heard that we had a bit of rain here in New England.  And by ‘bit of rain’ I mean about 12 inches in 4 days.  That’s more than enough to fill a gallon jug.  I learned a few things during the deluge:

  • My house looks funny with a moat
  • I can say with 100% certainty that my basement does NOT leak
  • A Toyota 4Runner can ford a stream… err.. road with 14 inches of water on it.
  • Subway tunnels smell VERY bad when they have standing water in them.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to worry about my well going dry until about 2018.  So I got that going for me…

I stumbled across this site the other day and found it… well… Damn Interesting.  I’m hoping that at least 1 of the 4 people that read this blog will also find it so.

Damn Interesting

The Perfect popcorn topping

We eat a lot of popcorn. And when I say ‘a lot’ I mean we consume our body weight twice a month. But we don’t go for that fancy schmancy Orville Newman double movie-time butter with extra sea salt, I mean the $0.99 for 2lbs store brand genetically mutated ‘corn based food’.

We, my partner and I, have very different methods for popping the ‘corn based food’.

The air popper that we have been using since… well… there was a ‘we’, has a measuring scoop built into the top. I carefully pour into the scoop the prescribed amount of kernels and then dump the contents of the scoop into the popper. This results in a full-but-not-too-full bowl of white fluffy magic. A very left brain method. Continue reading

Wow, did he say what I thought he just said?

Yes, I know I just posted an entry pointing you towards Mark Cuban’s blog but I’m still catching up on my reading.

I had to read this one twice to be sure I got it right.

My advice? Any and all digital content that you purchase and OWN, with any
sort of copy protection, crack it, and make a backup copy for your own personal

Wow.  This coming from a man who runs a satellte TV network and a theatre chain.  Ok, it’s official; Mark Cuban for President!

Digital Rights Management – The coming collateral damage – Blog Maverick – _

I am what I am and that’s all that I am…

Ok, so it’s been awhile since I posted — my bad.  I’ve been a bit tied up with my new full time gig and a few ‘garage projects’; all of which have seriously cut into my blogging time.  Gee, it’s amazing how much blogging one can do when one is unemployed. 😉

I read Mark Cuban’s blog on a regular basis.  I certainly don’t read it for that sports team he seems to own, but for his insights into digital media, HD and digital theatres specifically.  Ocassionaly he’ll post something of a general nature that catches my attention.  His recent post “Don’t Lie to Yourself” struck pretty close to home for me.  While I’m certainly not the salesman he is, I am certainly his equal in procastination.

I’m not in any position to get myself a personal assistant to manage the details of my life.  However, I am in a position to gather people around me who compliment my abilities. (read: cancel out my bad habits)  It may seem obvious when reading it in the context of others, but brutually difficult to do within one’s own life.  The fundamental part is recognizing those things at which you suck.  A daunting task for most mortals to be sure.

Success & Motivation – Dont Lie to Yourself – Blog Maverick – _

Digital Media and whatever else flows through my head…