The Roadhouse Blues Podcast ROCKS!

I’ve not only jumped onto the podcast bandwagon, I let them park it in my yard!  There is just so much great stuff floating around out there I sometimes wish my commute was longer so that I could listen to more of them!

It’s no secret to those that know me that I’m a huge blues fan, so much that I started my own ‘radio station’ way back in the dark ages of the ‘net (1998).  Dreamland Blues has faded a bit from it’s former glory as a Top 10 station on Live365 but I still manage to attract a few listeners.

But I digress..

The point of this post is to draw your attention to a fan-damn-tastic podcast, The Roadhouse.  The host, Tony Steidler-Dennison, has an uncanny knack to pick songs that I just love!  I’ve listened to several of his ‘casts and I have yet to find a track that I didn’t seriously dig.   His profesionally level production quality along with his knowlege of Blues and Blues history make this one of my favorite podcasts.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Multicast on the public ‘Net!?!? WoooHoooooo!

Ok, so it’s just on a few ISPs in the UK, but with the BBC behind it might, and it’s a might big ‘might’, get some traction.  Of course, one must bear in mind that this is the same network that brought us Benny Hill.  Let’s hope that this project doesn’t involve chasing a bald octogenarian around and patting him on the head.

The Jeff Pulver Blog: Multicast Finally is Happening! (At least in the UK):

More on HDCP, DRM and HD playback within WIndows Vista

It seems that ATI and nVidia have been using ‘marketing speak’ (read: lying) about HDCP support in their current line of cards/chipsets.  It seems that none of the shipping cards support HDCP despite indications on the manuf. web sites, and on the retail boxes that they do. <sigh>

What is HDCP you ask?  HDPC, or High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, is a specificiation to control digital audio and video content as it is sent accross DVI or HDMI connections.  Basically, it’s DRM at the physical layer.  You will need an HDCP complaint video card to view HD, Blu-Ray or HD-DVD content on your shiny new Vista PC.  Oh, and your display device (monitor, Plasma TV, LCD TV, projector) will need to be HDCP compliant as well.

When will it end?  Will I have to provide a retina scan to view my time-shifted recordings of Battlestar Galactica?  DNA samples to prove that I am ‘worthy’ to watch Sopranos?  Hollywood truely does hate me.

Oh, and don’t think the folks in the music industry like me either.  The RIAA has recently stated that I can not resell legally purchased digital tracks, nor can I rip my legally purchased CDs to a portable player.  Let’s just watch them try to stop me.

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Hollywood Hates You

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