FrameAlbum Service Interruption – Resolved, no really this time!

Yes, that’s a fancy way of saying the durn thing is broken.

Both the website and the frame update service are down for the moment — I’m on it bhaybee!


Update: Sunday @ 2:20PM ET – My hosting provider had a unplanned ‘power event’ last night due to a failed UPS. The server itself seems to have come back OK but my firewall, not so much. I’m working with the hosting provider to resolve.

Update #2: Sunday @ 11:15PM ET – Looks like the firewall is toast. I’ve ‘hotwired’ it and I think everything is back up — I’ll check everything more completely in the morning.

Update #3: Monday @ 8:15AM ET – My trusty monitoring system reminded me that I had to update my custom DNS server to point to my new server IP address; Thanks Nagios! This should be the last of the lingering problems with the service. Now all I have to do is figure out how to replace my firewall from 1,500 miles away. ;-(