Jim Mouradian – RIP

2017 photo100 – #9

Jim Mouradian played bass for Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters but is better known as a master guitar builder, or luthier.

He succumb to a heart attack while waiting to perform an encore at a show on Saturday, Jan 14th. Jim was 66 years old.

I made this image of Jim in 2009 while performing with Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters at the Lowell Summer Music Series.

There are several memorials online:


You can see all the 2017 Photo100 shots on my Flickr page here: http://bit.ly/2017photo100

World of Warships Update Server IP address range

So I’ll admit to playing video games.  It is a guilty pleasure indeed.  I spend most of my ‘game time’ on Eve Online but that requires a fair amount of contiguous time to really enjoy.

World of Warships logo graphic
World of Warships

If I’m into a quick fix I’ll fire up World Of Warships and send a few fellow gamers to the depths of the WWII era Pacific Ocean.

Today they issued a big update to the game and my PC refused to download the update.   A quick look at my firewall indicated it was being blocked as being “a suspicious Torrent download”.  Normally it would be a simple case of adding the update server to my firewall ‘good guy’ list and all would be well.  As it happens, in this case there are several servers involved so I had to track them all down and add them all.  I thought I’d share my findings in case anyone else would find it useful (read: In case I forget in the future).,,,

These IPs served my location in Northeast North America – YMMV