FrameAlbum status — Channels not updating?

Well the ‘snowtober’ Nor’easter threw a wrench into the works here are FrameAlbum-central.   Power (and heat and water) are back on for the moment.

The core FrameAlbum service was unaffected by the wide-spread power outages here in the Northeast but I did fail to notice that things had gone a bit pear-shaped with the channel updaters.  Both the Flickr and Picasa feed updaters had marked a very large percentage of the feeds as ‘user unknown’ and discontinued updating them.

I’ve reset all those and the feed updaters are running now.

Sorry about that folks — you should start seeing the new pics on your frames within the hour.

23 thoughts on “FrameAlbum status — Channels not updating?”

  1. I hope you have emerged from the weather unscathed as well. Thanks for the speedy fix once you had the facilities back.

  2. @Rowan: I’m sorry it took so long for me to notice. Our power lines are still on the ground, but they are working. At some point in the next few days we’ll be off again as the various parties do their work to put things right.

    We’re not putting the candles away just yet. 😉

  3. Thanks for fixing. But… mine keeps saying ‘no public PicasaWeb photo’s found. Anything you can do? Or I?

  4. I have beta access to, but I have a Toshiba frame and am unable to setup a local DNS redirection, would it be possible to get the framealbum public DNS server IPs so I can do a static IP on my frame?


  5. Mine has gone wrong again. I tried deleting the channel and re-creating it – it sat for hours saying ‘new channel, will update shortly’ and has now changed to the No Public Photos message.

  6. I have just double checked in case anything went wrong at the Picasa end, and it says I have 475 public photos (and some more Limited ones that won’t show up, but I don’t know if they could interfere with the fetcher).

    Have I hit some limit that is overloading it?

    At most the number of public ones could have gone up by 10 or so since it was working fine. Nothing else should have changed (as far as I know).

  7. Now I’m confused 😉

    This morning it was showing photos from my Picasa channel, but when I checked the web site later, the channel was still saying there no photos found. So I checked the RSS and they did have the Picasa photos in.

    It looks like the web frontend is showing the ‘no pictures’ message but the feed is including them at the moment.

  8. Rowan Moor:

    It looks like the web frontend is showing the ‘no pictures’ message but the feed is including them at the moment.

    @Rowan: I see several Flickr channels that have been populated with photos but your only Picasa channel has failed to find any public photos. Perhaps you are seeing the Flickr shots?

  9. I’m seeing shots that are only on Picasa. They aren’t published anywhere else. Looking at the RSS of the feed it is definitely picking them up from Picasa. It is nicely mixing them in with the flickr shots as well.

    Shall I try deleting and recreating the Picasa channel again?

  10. According to the FrameAlbum site, my Flickr feed has 69 pictures. However, my RSS feed shows only a weather image from 5 Nov and nothing from Flickr. It looks like something is still not updating. FrameAlbum user is my email on this comment.

    Thank you.

  11. @TJ: I see both the Flickr pics and a current radar image in your feed. Does your frame have a solid WiFi connection? I would also suggest power cycling your frame if you haven’t already done so.

  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve been looking at the RSS feed on different computers in my house, refreshing to make sure I wasn’t looking at an old page. It was showing the old weather picture until just now when I went back. Now I’ll go check the frame and make sure it’s displaying the feed properly, thanks!

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