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New Features on FrameAlbum website

In response to feedback from several FrameAlbum users I’ve added a few interface changes to the website today.

  • Channels & Frames now have distinct ‘delete’ actions.
  • You may now ‘cancel’ a channel or frame deletion without hitting your browser’s function.
  • A few formatting changes to make the site a bit less ugly.
  • Sample images are no longer grotesquely mangled.

New delete actions
Previously there was a ‘delete’ checkbox on the frame and channel edit pages but it wasn’t very obvious. I’ve added a clickable ‘delete’ action icon delete icon on the frame and channel info. pages to save a few clicks and to make things a bit more obvious. I’ve also changed the ‘edit’ action from a text link to an icon edit icon.

Minor format changes
The title text is a bit larger, the channel icons should be more consistently sized.

Sample images no longer mangled
I’ve fixed the formatting of the sample images in the channel displays. They will now maintain their original aspect ration and not be forced into a square shape.

These changes are live on the site now. I hope you find them useful.

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