New channel features

I’ve just released two new features to the website:

  • Tags – Include photos that have specific ‘tags’
  • Maximum Age – Limit the age of photos

Tags allow you to create topic specific feeds. For example, create a feed that includes only your pictures of ‘bunnies’. Or, perhaps you have tagged your photos to indicate it if is ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’ to match the orientation of your frame. The default is to not limit your feeds to specific tags.

You can also limit the age of the photos included in your feed. For example, if you wanted to only show your most recent photos you could set the maximum age to 90 days. If you do not specify a maximum age the system will default to 5 years. This default age may explain why some folks have empty feeds or are missing their older images.

These new features are available immediately to all registered users.

As always, questions are invited — let me know what you think!

Thanks for using FrameAlbum.

6 thoughts on “New channel features”

  1. Hi, I keep getting PicasaWeb user not found again. Last update was 2012-08-17. Hope you can fix that. Thanks!

  2. Yes, that issue occurs on both the Picasa and Flickr ‘grabbers’. I believe what is happening is that an error called a ‘timeout’ occurs when my system tries to contact Picasa/Flickr to check on your photos. A ‘timeout’ is generated when the other end (Flickr or Picasa in this case) does not respond in a set period of time. (My apologies if I am explaining something you already know.)

    I need to investigate further to determine if I can sense a timeout vs. an actual ‘bad username’ response and then update the database accordingly. In the meantime I’ll reset your ‘bad username’ flag on my end and have it try again.

    Sorry for the trouble — thanks for your patience.

  3. Thanks for your extensive reply 😉 I never get a timeout when I manually visit my Picasa images, but can imagine the situation you describe.

    3 frames at family locations also show the same message.

  4. Hi, my frame is yellow again… Did you get the timeout again? Something that can be fixed?

    Many thanks!

  5. Hi.
    I am very glad about your project. Thx a lot for your efforts!
    We had been using the framechannel to push updated photos of our kids directly in the grandparent’s living room…
    All of my tries to directly link to the used picasa albums failed in this or another way (feed aggregating, yahoo pipes, …). The main reason probably is the large number of photos.
    Thus, I was very happy, that your service is now open for registration!
    My question: Are you alo planning to integrate a way to use private picasa channels? Because I do not like to put all the kid photos on my public channel…

    Thx a lot

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