Is anybody out there?

At the beginning of the year I began the #photo365 project; posting a picture a day from my catalog of images dating back to the 70’s. I’ve made it to half way point and thought I’d take a breath for a few observations…

– It’s harder than I thought but not in the way you’d think. I have a hard time narrowing it down to a single image per day.

– Several themes have emerged. #monomonday (black & white images), #tbt (throwback thursday) and music related shots on Fri and Sat. Weds. are usually travel related, but not all the time.

– Does anyone see them? Only a small percentage of my posts get a single LIKE or comment. I have to wonder if they are even being included in the news feeds of my friends.

Please, if you are seeing them, and if they tickle your fancy, even a tiny bit, I would greatly appreciate a LIKE. A SHARE would be wonderful, but only if you really like it. Any feedback,even a “That’s rubbish! Give your camera to a blind orangutan and it’ll do a better job!” comment will help feed my middle-age deflated ego. It will also let me know that someone, anyone, is actually seeing them.