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Is this the party to whom I am speaking?

I vascillate between being incredibly paranoid (I shreaded my cereal boxes only that one time!) and sharing quite a bit about myself online.  For example, you can find my picture various places online but you won’t find my street address, phone number, etc.

But most people don’t know just how much Google knows about them.

For example, you can find a phone number for most folks by entering their last name and zip code.  If you’re like me and rather not have people Google your phone number they have thoughtfully provided a method for you to remove it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to adjust my tin-foil hat… Those pesky aliens are trying to tell me that Paris Hilton is hot again.

Google PhoneBook Name Removal

Tweakin the blog…

I’ve added a new plugin to WordPress that makes it a bit easier for folks to subscribe to my feed. ‘Subscribe Me‘ adds the handy buttons on the sidebar to enable one-click subscriptions for users of My MSN, My Yahoo!, Google and Bloglines as well as normal RSS users.

Be sure to let me know what you think of it.

Update: I’ve also switched the ‘theme’ (WordPress-speak for ‘visual design & layout’) of the site to something a bit less ‘defaultesque’.

“Just leave me a message after the mouse click…”

Imagine what would happen if you took email (asyncronous delivery & universal access), IM buddy lists (presence indicators & ‘mobs’ of interest) and voice mail (“Watson! Come here, I need you!”) and mashed them together; this is YackPack.

I think it’s an intriguing idea but I’m struggling to grasp how folks will react to yet another new communication channel in their lives. No one is ready to dump email or their phone or their IM client (those that use one anyway) in favor of this approach for quite some time. And then, only if everyone else in their ‘mob’ does the same thing.

I’m really not sure how to categorize this so for now it’s going to be ‘uncategorized’.

YackPack Home