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FrameAlbum status — Channels not updating?

Well the ‘snowtober’ Nor’easter threw a wrench into the works here are FrameAlbum-central.   Power (and heat and water) are back on for the moment.

The core FrameAlbum service was unaffected by the wide-spread power outages here in the Northeast but I did fail to notice that things had gone a bit pear-shaped with the channel updaters.  Both the Flickr and Picasa feed updaters had marked a very large percentage of the feeds as ‘user unknown’ and discontinued updating them.

I’ve reset all those and the feed updaters are running now.

Sorry about that folks — you should start seeing the new pics on your frames within the hour.

Did your Toshiba frame stop working?

While Irene was busy stripping the leaves from my trees I was working on the feed generator.  Somewhere along the way I managed to change it in a way that my borrowed Toshiba frame does not like — it reports ‘Connect to online service failed’ errors.  <sigh>

Anyone else getting that on your Toshiba frame?  (My Kodak frame is working just fine.)

How antibacterial soaps and cleaners could make you VERY sick

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” is an oft quoted maxim that I personally feel is true.  However, when applied to bacteria the results are stronger bugs that may be resistant to treatment.

The common use of ‘antibacterial’ products in the home introduces enormous amounts of the chemicals that were previously only used in hospitals and labs.  These chemicals, while very effective at killing bacteria, don’t kill it all.  That this left behind contributes to the production of resistant strains of bacteria.  These strains have also been shown (in the lab) to be resistant to the most common treatments for bacterial infections.

The result is that we are contributing to the evolution of drug-resistant forms of bacteria through our use of anti-bacterial products in our homes.

Stick with soap and water; it is just as effective and does NOT contribute to super-bugs.

Strange but True: Antibacterial Products May Do More Harm Than Good: Scientific American