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  1. Excited about FrameAlbum. We’ve been using FrameChannel on a college campus for digital signage. I realize your motivation is related to pictures, but FrameChannel had a good array of content like news headlines and weather. Do you have any plans to provide such content on FrameAlbum?

  2. @Michael: The short answer is ‘yes’. The somewhat longer answer is ‘picture feeds have first priority’ so it may be a bit before things like weather and news make it into the feeds.

  3. I and many other owners of Framechannel compatible devices appreciate all all the effort you’ve put into this so quickly! Good luck with everything and I’m rooting for you.


  4. Thanks for the hard work on this. I have a Kodak W820 frame and liked it enough to get my parents one as well. I use Picasa Web Albums for all our pictures of my 1 year old and that allowed me to just add the album to FrameChannel instead of needing to mess with an SD card. So, I’d be excited if you can get Picasa Web to work on a W820 frame. Thanks again!

    — Jim

  5. I have a Toshiba DMF82XKU wireless picture frame. 800×600. I am most interested in a facebook interface.

    What can I do to help?

  6. My frame is Toshiba Model DMF102XKU

    Good luck, and wish you success in getting it up and running.


  7. I have the Kodak W1020 and want to know where to I find the place to enter the ‘Custom Photo URL’ feed feature. I have looked at various areas of the framechannel, but can’t find the place to enter a custom URL.

  8. Hello,

    I have Toshiba DMF82XKU and DMF102XKU frames which I believe don’t allow custom RSS feeds. Therefore they won’t work with the initial release of FrameAlbum, right?

    BTW, my ex-company’s HQ’s used to be in Lowell, MA! Tyco, AMP, M/A-COM, Microwave Associates etc. We’ve long been dissolved and most of us are now unemployed. I worked at one of their remote locations near Roanoke, VA.

    Take care,

  9. @Todd — Small world, eh?

    There are two ways in which you can use your Toshiba frames with FrameAlbum:
    – If you run a DNS server (some home routers have this feature) you can configure it to redirect the domain to

    – You can configure your frames to use my DNS server which will redirect the requests automatically.

    Unfortunately, both of these solutions require a bit of geekery. I’ve, so far, been unsuccessful in my attempts to get (whats left of) the FrameChannel folks to redirect the domain to me.

  10. @Tina It’s under ‘Photo RSS’. However, you can’t enter it on the frame itself, you have to use the frame’s web interface. You can either use the Kodak software that came with the frame, or, as I do, use standard Windows 7 features.

    Open up ‘My Computer’ and then click on ‘Network’. You should see your frame listed under ‘Media Devices’. Right click on the icon, click ‘Properties’ and get the IP address. Enter that IP address into the browser of your choice. You may also want to take note of the ‘MAC address’ entry. This is used as the ‘FrameID’ if you ever choose to use the FrameChannel emulation feature of FrameAlbum.

    Once you are on the web interface, select the ‘Photo RSS’ entry on the left and click ‘Add..’. Chose ‘Other’ for the site and it will have a field for the feed URL. You can also name the feed.

    Once that has been saved, go back to the frame, hit the ‘Home’ button, and chose ‘Photo RSS’ on the bottom.

    Let me know how it works for you.

  11. Greetings!

    I’ve got a Toshiba DMF82XKU and have previously signed up for a BETA invite, but have received nothing as of yet. I think this is a great project to have chosen to pursue. I’m a System Engineer, but have gone on disability because of my MS, but I’m looking forward to testing and providing feedback.

    I was primarily using framechannel for the ability to view RSS feeds.

    Many Thanks!



  12. @Ian: Welcome to the party! I’ve sent invites to folks that pre-registered before 4-July. If you signed up before that and have not yet received your invitation email please let me know.

    What types of RSS feeds did you view on your frame? News? Sports? Weather? Blog entries? Something else?

    Thanks for contributing!

  13. Hello

    I signed up in the earliest days but did not yet received ID.

    I have a Parrot Grande Specchio frame (resolution is 800 x 600)


    Thierry – France

  14. @cmtm: I’ve re-sent your registration email. If you do not receive it soon please let me know and I’ll get it to you another way. Also, please be sure to check your spam folder.

  15. Hello streamingmeemee,

    i registered last week and have received as yet no registration email.
    The frame is a Motorola LS1000W and i want to see my picasa pictures with help from the old FrameChannel account.

    Best regards

  16. Keep up the great work. We’re all pulling for you. Great start getting the photo services going.

    Using its own on-board software and UI, my client’s Motorola 9-monitor array still connects to Picassa and Flickr without the now obsolete Framechannel feeds. This was my initial hands on with a Framechannel set-up, so I’m unfamiliar with the varied configurations different users may have. What set this system apart for me and my client was the variety of content one could feed.

    I’m excited to see the beta in action, and I’m even more excited to follow your progress on this worthy project. What will ultimately make this powerful for a user like me will be the implementation of variety of content feeds (news, weather, photo, video, etc..).

    Thanks for putting you efforts and talents into this project.


  17. Tried to post this earlier today but did not see it appear so…..sorry if it’s a scond request. Registered for an accont several weeks ago but have not seen an email with a password yet. I hope I did not delete it by accident. If so, please resend. Thanks

  18. @Robert: All comments on this site are moderated — it may take me a while to approve posts. To your question, if you registered before 4-July then you should have received your invite by now. I’ll have a look in the database for your email address and resend it if it has already gone out. I plan on releasing the next batch of pre-registrations tonight so keep your eyes on your inbox!

  19. Okay, so I just got the beta invite, and thank you for that, and for doing all this work. I am very new to all of this, and my motivation is this – I would like to see a webcam feed on my digital frame. Basically I want to turn a digital frame into a “window” of sorts, so that I can leave it on my desk, and anytime I want to I can look over and have a view.
    Is this possible? Will Framechannel be able to do this? Am I crazy?

  20. @Rob: Hmm…. I had not considered that use-case. Live video from a webcam is pretty much out — none of the frames I’ve looked at support that. However, most webcams offer the ability to save images to a file (usually a JPEG) at some pre-defined interval. That image could then be downloaded and displayed on the frame. Do you have a particular webcam view in mind?

  21. I apologize for not reporting back sooner. FrameAlbum is a complete technical success on the Roku Brightsign HD210 and HD1010 digital signage players. Having said that, since the software that comes with these units allows the creation of playlists and most users of these devices are likely to have a web server handy, FrameAlbum is of limited value to Brightsign users with only Flickr and Picasa as feed sources. I was wondering if you’ve made any headway with adding content such as news and weather images. Thanks again for your work.

  22. @Michael: Thanks for the feedback! I’m very glad to hear that FrameAlbum is working on your Brightsign players. I just made a new post that outlines the short term development plan; information channels such as news and weather are on there but they are down the list a bit. As a short-term solution, would it be useful to add a ‘custom RSS feed’ channel? This would allow you to enter any image based RSS feed URL and it would be added to your frame’s (or in your case digital signage player) feed.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  23. Exciting to see information channels in the works. I’m not quite sure what you mean by a custom RSS feed channel. I’m not sure where I could find the sort of content we need. We’re specifically looking for things like current weather and temp in our zip code, any severe weather alerts for our region, three day local forecast, news headlines (with brief story summary and not a half a sentence ending in ellipses.), word of the day, Stock market indices, etc.

    I wonder if you might be able to get some of this content for free if you approach sources like The Weather Channel, AP, and Reuters. It seems to me like they’d want their logos flashing in front of college students.

    BTW, it seems like doesn’t work well with Firefox; I get a lot of blank pages. No trouble in Chrome or IE.

  24. Hello streamingmeemee,

    I received registration email,and will try framealbum with my planex MZK-WDPR.
    I want to use your FrameAlbum DNS server,so please teach me its IPadress.


  25. Hi streamingmeemee,

    i started writing my own FrameChannel replacement. And i ran over the FrameChannel-Login / activation for the Devices. With the Custom-RSS-Feeds, delivering is simple but the is no security behind that, am i right? Because everybody knowing the link to my channel can view it!
    I tried to identify the Frame by MAC-Adress or something but all request to my webserver showed nothing i can idenitfy a single device from. Do you have anything in the pipe for that? By the way, i would realy like to join the Beta-Program 🙂

    Kind regards

  26. @Till: FrameChannel compatible feeds do not include any real security; if someone knows the MAC address of your frame and it’s associated ‘ProductId’ they can view your feed. ProductIds designate the Manufacturer & Model of your frame; chances are if someone knows the MAC address of your frame then they also know the make and model number. This is an example of ‘security by obscurity’.

    However, the Custom RSS feeds provided by FrameAlbum (and were also supplied by FrameChannel) do include a randomly assigned PIN in addition to the frame’s MAC address. This is a very week form of security that will at least slow down the bad guys.

    You can read more of the FrameChannel protocol

    I also just released your beta invite — you should see an email shortly.

  27. Any updates on the facebook interface?
    I have the Toshiba DMF82XKU frame.
    I have scoured my routers settings and did NOT find a way to DNS redirect framechannel to you framealbum server.
    Any other advice on how to make it connect?

  28. @dbg: I have a Toshiba frame (generously loaned to me by a FrameAlbum user). I configured it with a static IP address and the FrameAlbum DNS server. The tricky bit about this approach is choosing a static IP address for your network. If you have been poking around your router then you are likely already familiar with the DHCP range in use on your network as well as the ‘default router’ (or ‘default gateway’) settings. It may be a simple as choosing an address that is 1 higher than your DHCP range and assign it to your frame manually. You would use the same default router as your DHCP settings but use the FrameAlbum DNS server rather than the one supplied by your router.

    If this makes no sense to you then I apologize for the geekspeak; if it does, make sense, then give it a go and please let me know how it works for you.

  29. Hello, I’m kinda fascinated by these networked digital frames, and am trying to find useful solutions for some family and friends. Can i ask what the status of the Frame Album project is? I’ve got the 10″ Toshiba and would love to be able to access photos from Picasa or other hosting sites. I see that registration at FrameAlbum is currently disabled. I’m not too IT techie, but search and persistance are strong so if it’s accessible, I’d like to give it a try. Mike

  30. Hello streamingmeemee, I’m grateful for all you’ve done here, but I need to open a “trouble ticket”. The weather radar feature you built seems to have died. The last three or four days we’ve been getting the radar temporarily unavailable message.

    Also, I was wondering if you’re still planning any new weather/news MRSS content. The discussion on that continues at

    By the way, Brightsign has apparently been spun off from Roku and is now an independent company. Their new support forum is unfortunately much less user-friendly than the Roku-hosted forum.

  31. Further to earlier post, I found that the Weather Underground site will create a gif on the fly using a URL like

    If FrameAlbum was able to leverage that into an MRSS feed, it would be a beautiful thing. BTW, Brightsigns don’t do gif’s. They do jpegs, bmps, and pngs. So a conversion would probably be needed along the way.

  32. @Mike: Sorry for the delayed reply, it’s been a very busy month.

    The Toshiba frames work well with the FrameAlbum service (Thanks Ian for the test unit!). However, there is a bit of geekery involved to get them working. Frames that used the FrameChannel service were ‘hard wired’ to connect to the FrameChannel servers. Since FrameChannel shutdown those servers are no longer operating. To work around this it is necessary to ‘fool’ your frame into thinking it is connecting to the FrameChannel servers. It involves manually setting the IP address configuration of your frame. You don’t have to write any programs or change your internet connection in any way; it is strictly on the frame itself.

    I posted a blog entry about the issue here. It includes general info. on how to setup a frame to use the FrameAlbum service. It does not include specifics for the Toshiba frame. If after reading all this, and the blog post, you are still game to give it a go, drop me a comment here and I’ll write up a detailed description for you.

  33. @watsonrick: Sorry for the delayed reply, it’s been a very busy month.

    I’m working today to repackage the repo. to include the web interface and I’ll be posting that for public access. Stay tuned to the blog for the news.


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