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Sample FrameChannel RSS feed

As part of my effort to build a replacement for the FrameChannel service I captured a sample of the existing RSS feed my frame receives.


Fundamentally it is an implementation of the Yahoo MRSS (Media RSS) specification.  You can find details here and here.

If you are interested in grabbing a copy of your frame’s feed you’ll need the custom URL for your frame and to set the USER-AGENT header to ‘AVOS/1.1 libhttp/1.1’ (without the quote marks of course).

My frame requested this URL:


I’ve removed some of the details so as not to tempt the nefarous among us.  The ‘frameId’ field is obviously the MAC address of my frame.  I’ve not yet figured out how productId is derived.

FrameChannel replacement – Progress Report

With the help of the FrameChannel Certification Checklist as well as plenty of XML reading (worst summer novel EVER) I’ve cobbled together a frame feed that includes Flickr and Picasa photos.

Next step is to wrap a web interface around it so that others can configure a frame feed for themselves.  With a bit of luck I may be able to accept a few ‘alpha’ testers this weekend.

Community based FrameChannel replacement

I’m measuring interest in the creation of a community based FrameChannel replacement – ping me if this tickles your neurons.

Update: You can use any of the following to ‘ping’ me:

IM: streamingmeemee (on most all IM networks)

Twitter: @streamingmeemee

or you can simply leave a comment below.