FrameChannel replacement – Progress Report

With the help of the FrameChannel Certification Checklist as well as plenty of XML reading (worst summer novel EVER) I’ve cobbled together a frame feed that includes Flickr and Picasa photos.

Next step is to wrap a web interface around it so that others can configure a frame feed for themselves.  With a bit of luck I may be able to accept a few ‘alpha’ testers this weekend.

11 thoughts on “FrameChannel replacement – Progress Report”

  1. @Mike: At present it’s a bit slapdash; speed being more important than architectural perfection at this point.

    I fired up a host on Amazon EC2 and have loaded with a combination of MySQL, PHP and Perl with some ‘special sauce’ of my own. It ain’t pretty but it is feed my frame Flickr and Picassa shots.

    More later…

  2. Great – would you eventually be willing to share your code? I run a bunch of Linux hosts and would be thrilled to help out with this in any way.


  3. Do you think that there’s any chance for Facebook photo support? Besides all the little news, weather and trivia updates, random Facebook photos from all my friends was my favorite part.

  4. @Averial: I’ve not any experience with grabbing Facebook pictures outside of FB. I do agree that it would be a very popular feature; I’ll see what can be done.

  5. @Mike: Yes, I do plan to release it at some point. First priority is getting something running so that folks have something to use when FC shuts down at the end of the month.

  6. I would be willing to test things, I have some experience but no time to develop… happy to try things, though.

  7. I just leave a short comment, so You wouldn’t be distracted 🙂

    I have been searching the whole weekend for some kind of replacement for FrameChannel (which I use for half a dozen W1020 to spread RSS, Weather and Local News among family, friends and customers).

    I have found some kind of software (RSS Image Feeder) from This was basically a little server for gathering Data and providing it as an rss-picture-stream. Unfortunately doesn’t have this software on sale and all I could download was a Trial/Demo which had a 2hrs time-limit and a “TRIAL” Watermark above each frame.

    I have emailed for infos about purchasing the software (which they sold in 2009 for 19.99) but did not get any response yet.

    I hope You succeed in Your efforts to develop a replacement for FrameChannel.

    If I can contribute in any kind, please let me know.

  8. Hey, I’m french, using a Parrot frame “Grande Specchio” and I was heavilly feeding it with FrameChannel. I am disappointed and trying to use now “Life Go Round” services (

    If somebody finds a replacement solution or succeed in using, please let me know


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