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It Seems To Me. Monica and Bill

Where’s the Beef?

Is it just me or has this Monica “in search of her 15 minutes. of fame” Lewinsky thing gotten WAY outta hand? (Please, no jokes about what she had IN her hand). The media feeding frenzy around this issue ran out of real news on the second day, now they are ‘reporting’ on how other reporters are reporting on reporters reporting on the “crisis”. These must be truly talented people, they are able to prattle on for 5 minutes in the complete absence of facts. All the while, not misplacing a single hair on their immaculately quaffed head.

This must be a definition of crisis that I was not familiar with. The media is telling it this way: Allegedly there are tapes of Monica telling friend Linda Tripp of her alleged relationship (allegedly sexual) with the Commander in Chief. And now, Monica is seeking immunity in return for testifying. Immunity from what? Last time I knew, being a name dropper wasn’t a crime. I don’t even want to start about the behavior of the Independent Counsel. But I digress.

Public Servant/Private Life?

But the real issue is not the morays of our President, that is between him and Hillary. Frankly I couldn’t care less if Billy-Joe-President liked to get naked, paint himself blue and run around the Oval Office hopping on one leg with an intern over each shoulder. What does matter is if he lies or encourages others to lie about it.

Every person is entitled to a private life (yes, even lawyers and politicians). To the extent that it does not effect their ability to perform their job, we have no right to pry into the details of another person’s life. Would your life survive such scrutiny? How would some of the things that you have done appear if presented in 30 second clips under the harsh TV lights? I thought so.

The check is in the mail…

But if a public servant (no jokes about that one either please) lies to the public to which he/she serves, they no longer deserve the job they hold. There are NO exceptions to this rule. If I can’t trust you to tell me the simple truth, how can I trust you to run our city/state/country/animal control district? If you lie to me about things I don’t give a rats anal pore about, you will lie to me about the things I do care about, and that is intolerable.

Bill, if you did it, be a man and fess up so we can get on with our lives; we’ve all got better things to do. If you didn’t, then defend yourself with all your energy and when you are vindicated, put the lawyers (and TV anchors) back under the rocks from whence they wriggled.

Monica, if it happened, proudly stand your ground and don’t let the lawyers’ shenanigans get you down. If it didn’t, then you deserve the wrath of the media circus that you have called down upon yourself.

Like noses, everyone has an opinion. The above are mine and I am solely responsible for them.