FrameAlbum progress report & FrameChannel halts feeds

As most of you will already know FrameChannel turned off the frame feeds today.  I was hoping for few more days of data gathering, specifically around how it handled new frame registration, before they turned it off.  Oh well…

Pre-registrations at FrameAlbum are going strong — well over 100 so far!  I guess I’d better finish this thing or I’m going to look pretty silly. 😉

Today was work on handling the ‘INFO’ category on Kodak frames.  The idea is to be able to pass back to the frame it’s own ID so the user can register it on FrameAlbum.  Almost there…

BTW, the initial support will be in English only — I’ll entertain other requests if folks would like to see them locallized INFO screens.

7 thoughts on “FrameAlbum progress report & FrameChannel halts feeds”

  1. Following you heavily on all this progress. Just to let you know I have a Digital Spectrum MF-8104. I use it heavily. Can’t imagine why it would be that much different than the kodak. Worked great with framechannel before they turned it off.


  2. I don’t know if you saw my veritable monologue on your Jun 21 post, but I have a D-Link DSM-210.

    here’s the link, complete with their superimposed framechannel obituary…

    There are a ton of D-Links out there since D-Link has been better at the wireless part of the internet picture frame than many other companies. Will your portal support this?

  3. @R.E.Port: Do you know offhand if the D-Link frame support a custom RSS feed or are they limited to FrameChannel feeds only?

    If they support custom RSS, then then answer is YES! If not, then the answer depends on your ability to manipulate a DNS server. 😉

  4. The D-Link is FrameChannel feeds only I believe. I have access to one of them as well when things are ready for testing.

    I can manipulate DNS, so I’m fine with that solution!

  5. Where is it that I can find directions on manipulating dns? My router? ( I have a d-link DIR-655 )

  6. @REPort: Hmm… I took a quick look at the manual for that router and didn’t find an obvious way to set it up as a DNS server that you could manipulate.

    Anyone else have one of these?

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