Toshiba frames now working with FrameAlbum — Thanks Ian!

Yes, I know the quality of the image on the left is quite poor — I’m just so excited!

I received Ian’s Toshiba DMF102X frame today and immediatly set upon getting it working on FrameAlbum.  I had made some changes earlier in the day to the feed format in the hopes of resolving the dreaded ‘File format is not supported’/’Cannot connect to service’ messages many of you with Toshiba frames have experienced.

I fired up Ian’s frame, entered in the static IP information along with the custom FrameAlbum DNS server and selected the ‘FrameChannel mode’.  A few nerve wracking seconds later the green “FrameChannel have ceased operation” image — Yippie!  This means that the frame was talking to FrameAlbum and the frame had understood it’s reply.

I then added Ian’s frame to my FrameAlbum account (using the frameID information contained in the green ‘ceased operation’ image) and added on of my Flickr channels to it.

I restarted the frame and…  WooHoo!

If any of you are having trouble seeing your photos on a Toshiba frame let me know in the comments below and I’ll get it fixed.


It appears that frames with software version 2.01 are working fine; the ‘newer’ version 2.05, not so much.  I’ve identified and repaired a potential issues; testing ensues.