PicasaWeb channel warning images

I’ve added a new feature to the PicasaWeb channel type today. ┬áThe system will now generate an text-based image that will be included in your feed under certain circumstances.

If the system is unable to find a PicasaWeb user that matches the name you entered on your channel you will see an image that looks like this:

Sample 'PicasaWeb user not found' image
If there are no public images in your PicasaWeb account you will see an image similar to this:

Sample 'No public PicasaWeb photos found image'

If you see either of these two warning images on your frame please verify that your PicasaWeb channel is configured correctly, specifically that the username field contains either the email address you used when registering for PicasaWeb, or, the really big integer number that is a shortcut to your account (most people will not know this value)

I will be adding this functionality to the Flickr feeds in the next day or so.

As always, if this is confusing or doesn’t work as you expect drop a comment below.