D-Link Progress Report

D-Link DSM-210 image
D-Link DSM-210

I’ve ran squarely into a brick wall with the D-Link DSM-210 frame.  I can get it to display the info page with the activation code with no problem however after activation all I can manage to get is a ‘no items’ message on the screen.  I’ve scoured all the notes/emails I have on this frame and I’m very stuck.  I’m sad to report that I’m going to back-burner support for this (and the related D-Link DIR-685) frame until I can get further info. on these frames.

I’m going to return to work on Facebook integration; please hold your applause until I deliver it. 😉

Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “D-Link Progress Report”

  1. Well, actually it only appeared to be close to working. I think I’m closer to having it work correctly but I’m still missing some important pieces to the puzzle. Unless I can find someone willing to share those pieces I’m stuck.

  2. Any chance you’ll keep trying? My parents have a D-link I gave them so they could see pics of the grand kids 🙁

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