Rick Estrin & Kid Andersen of The Nightcats – Regattabar, Cambridge MA, March 2010

photo365 – Day 329

This is a rather small venue (http://www.regattabarjazz.com/)and I was able to get a table immediately in front of the stage. Sadly, the show was poorly marketed and the crowd was very small, a few dozen at best. Considring the caliber of the talent I was very surprised by the low turn-out. The band was also surprised but they put on a full, energetic and delightful show despite the small audience.

This was one of the last shows I shot with the Sony Cybershot. It was quite challenging due to the strong direct lighting blowing out the highlights and low general lighting for the rest of the scene. Because of the small crowd my shooting was quite obvious so I was a bit self-conscious. That camera had a rather loud shutter noise so I had to be careful to shoot only during the ‘loud bits’. 😉

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