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Tell me again how you visit every house in the world in a single night…

2017 photo100 – #92

Yup, that’s yours truely with my best ‘who do you think yer foolin’ face on. I have no memory of this Santa encounter but considering my attire I’m going to guess that it was not in December. I know my family did visit Santa’s Land in Vermont so my best bet is that this shot was taken there.

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You may be bad-ass, but you are not Grandma drivin’ two tractors bad-ass!

photo100 – #76

Yes, this is my bad-ass paternal Grandmother drivin’ a tractor down-on the farm. It appears that the setup is for a double bottom plow. Apparently a single tractor wasn’t enough to get er’ done so they doubled them up.

Badassery at it’s farm-fresh finest.

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