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Rock On!

2017 photo100 – #6

This shot is from my first-ever stadium rock show, Boston, in 1979. The film stock was Illford HP5 ‘pushed’ beyond any resonable (at the time) speed of 3200 ISO. I remember not being able to hear too well for a few days and hearing some guy called ‘Sammy Haggar’ as the openning act.

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2016 photo100 – #91

This train yard was located in the lower Garden District of New Orleans in the mid/late ’70s. It is an empty lot now according to Google Earth. The popular tourist destination “Mardi Gras World” now stands just off to the left of this image.

Glazer Steel, seen on the right side of this image, was sold to Triple-S Steel Supply in 1998 but retained the name.

You can see all the 2016 Photo100 shots on my Flickr page here: http://bit.ly/2016photo100