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Douglas C-124A Globamaster II – Korean War

2018 photo100 – #22

This is another image captured by my Dad during his service in the Korean War. My best guess is that it was taken from the window of his plane where he served as radio operator.

It’s not immediately obvious but there is a inverted-V stand under the tail of the aircraft. I presume this was to prevent the plane from tipping backwards during loading.

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In Case Of Fire

2017 photo100 – #86

In light of the Pearl Harbor anniversary I thought it appropriate to post a service related photo. This image is another of my Dad’s from his service in Korea. Sadly, I don’t have any information on the staff sargent pictured here.

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Freedom Bell – Bicentennial Freedom Train, 1975

photo100 – #52

The Freedom Train visited Kalamazoo, MI in July 1975. I was still shooting with my Dad’s old Pony 135 in those days.

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Greyhound Bus – Korea circa 1950

photo365 – Day 338

This is another of my Dad’s photos from his service during the Korean War. I was very surprised to see the Greyhound logo on this bus. I wonder if perhaps Greyhound were there to provide transport for our servicemen & women there? Or, an enterprising local simply copied something that was familiar in the US?

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