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Sidi TourĂ© – 2018 Lowell Folk Festival

2018 photo100 – #51

Sidi is a master of Songhai music from Mali.

The Lowell Folk Fest is three days of great music, food and culture. The largest free folk festival in the country!

You can see all the images in the 2018 Photo100 project here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/streamingmeemee/albums/72157662177136077

Knitting by Headlamp

2017 photo100 – #41

This woman was knitting, in the dark, while enjoying a set by C.J. Chenier at the 2017 Lowell Folk Festival. I really liked the lighting in this image coming only from a LED headlamp. I captured this shot somewhat as a test of my new camera, a Nikon D750 to see how it performed in very low light. If you look closely you can see a reflection of her hands in her glasses!.

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