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Lyle Lovett – 2017 Lowell Summer Music Series

2017 photo100 – #43

This is Lyle’s 5th appearance at the Lowell Summer Music Series – one more and he gets a free sandwich. 😉

Lyle appeared with his ‘Large Band’ this time; himself plus 11 other outstanding musicians. As if that wasn’t enough talent on stage at one time he was joined by a 10 voice gospel choir for several numbers!

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Lyle Lovett – 2014 Lowell Summer Music Series

photo365 – Day 229

I’ve seen Lyle 3 times, twice in the ‘Large Band’ formation. I prefer the large band for its greater depth of sound, broader dynamic range and diversity of tonal palette. During the course of the 2.5 hour show each of the 13 band members were highlighted to demonstrate their virtuosity. His wry humor, including an interaction with a sleepy 8 year old in the front row, was a delightful feature of this very entertaining and engaging show.

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