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Regent Theater mural by José Narezo

2017 photo100 – #91

I’m a bit perplexed on the copyright on this one; the mural was painted by José Narezo but I captured this image of it. So I went with a copyright on this image of the mural.

The mural is painted on the rear exterior wall of the historic Regent Theater in my home town of Allegan Michigan. The Regent is a art deco style opened in 1919 in a former horse livery. It is run by a non-profit and is in use as a first-run movie theater. You can learn more about the Regent here: http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/2572 and see the current movie schedules here: https://alleganregent.com/

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Deacon John Moore – 2016 Lowell Folk Festival

2016 photo100 – #78

Look closely at the bell of the trombone. 😉  To get all the detail you should view the large version of the image by clicking on it.

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No, I don’t know Princess Leia smartass

photo365 – Day 357

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