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River of Needles

2018 photo100 – #43

One hint I share with budding photographers is to learn to see in black-and-white; Focus only on the light and shadow aspects of a scene and picture in your mind an image devoid of color.

This image started out as an over-exposed shot of pine needles floating on a pond. A few tweaks in Lightroom and viola!

You can see all the images in the 2018 Photo100 project here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/streamingmeemee/albums/72157662177136077

If these are the eggs, how big is the chicken?

2018 photo100 – #4

These ‘eggs’ are actually the digesting vessels at the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Facllity in Boston Harbor.

It is actually quite a nice park with well groomed and maintained walking trails and fabulous views of the Boston skyline. Well worth the time to visit.

For the photo nerds, this was shot with my OnePlus One smartphone’s built-in camera. No external lenses or filters were used.

You can see all the images in the 2018 Photo100 project here: http://bit.ly/2018photo100


2017 photo100 – #79

This is a small section of a water feature that ran alongside an outdoor staircase in Spain. It is built at railing height rather than ground level. I brings the sound of the falling water much closer to the folks using the staircase.

You can see all my Photo100 shots on my Flickr page here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/streamingmeemee/albums/72157674849182183