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Planned maintenance tonight (Dec. 22 overnight)

My hosting provider has informed me that they are performing some upgrades to the power systems in their data center this weekend. I will be powering-down the FrameAlbum server during the upgrades. The website and frame update feeds will be unavailable from approx. 11PM ET Dec 22 (4AM Dec 23 GMT) until approx. 9AM ET Dec 23 (2PM Dec 23 GMT).

During this time the website will be unavailable and your frames will not be able to pull updates from the service. This mostly affects the weather radar feeds; they will receive no updates during this period.

I will be posting updates on the @FrameAlbum Twitter feed and our Facebook page.

Happy Holidays!

UPDATE: Apparently I can’t read calendars very well. The original post indicated that this outage would occur overnight Friday to Saturday AM – WRONG. The correct timeframe is Saturday overnight to Sunday AM. Too much eggnog I guess. 😉

Now where did I leave that sticky note….

Sticky Note imageI’m finally filling an profound gap in the functionality of FrameAlbum today… I’ve added a ‘Forgot Password’ function. Duh.

If you activate the function (just under the ‘Login’ button on the right side of the page) you will be asked to enter either your FrameAlbum username or, the email address you used when registering for the service.

The system will then email you a special link that will allow you to reset your password.

New channel features

I’ve just released two new features to the website:

  • Tags – Include photos that have specific ‘tags’
  • Maximum Age – Limit the age of photos

Tags allow you to create topic specific feeds. For example, create a feed that includes only your pictures of ‘bunnies’. Or, perhaps you have tagged your photos to indicate it if is ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’ to match the orientation of your frame. The default is to not limit your feeds to specific tags.

You can also limit the age of the photos included in your feed. For example, if you wanted to only show your most recent photos you could set the maximum age to 90 days. If you do not specify a maximum age the system will default to 5 years. This default age may explain why some folks have empty feeds or are missing their older images.

These new features are available immediately to all registered users.

As always, questions are invited — let me know what you think!

Thanks for using FrameAlbum.