Bug fixes are in! New features added!

– The channel details page now includes sample images from the feed. The most recent 16 images from the channel will be displayed on the channel details page.  The channels are currently updated only once per hour so it may take up-to 60 minutes after adding a channel before any sample images are displayed.

Fixes to the layout issues have been pushed to the live site. This should take care of the ‘borked’ channel detail layout as well as improve the ‘correctness’ of other pages.

Added the ability to delete channels and frames. You will find this option on the ‘Edit Details’ page for each.  This is irreversible so make sure you reeeeeallly wanna before you do it.  (You could always just add the frame/channel back if you want.)

DNS tweaks performed. I twiddled some of the knobs on the custom DNS server.  I am now running my Kodak frame in full FrameChannel compatibility mode.  As far as my frame is concerned it is happily talking to ‘framechannel’.  Yippie!

Registration invite Email changes. As I had feared most folks do not accept mail sent directly from Amazon EC2 instances.  As a result several of the first round of invites bounced back undelivered.  I’ve change the email routing so it now goes through an ‘established’ email server; no more bouncies.  I’ve resent those invites that initially bounced.

That’s it for now — I’m going to release another batch of invites in a few minutes…  Keep your eyes on your email!

As always, questions/comments/bug reports are eagerly invited.