Big news day for FrameAlbum!

I’ve had two great ‘off the record’ conversations today that will have a great impact on the FrameAlbum project.  I’m not yet at liberty to discuss the details but suffice it to say that the result of these conversations will be greatly enhanced support for some frames.

Now, if I can only get my A/C unit to work harder and get the temp in my office below 85F… ;-(

More FrameAlbum beta invites released

I released a bunch more FrameAlbum invites this morning.  The invitations for all beta registrations placed before 4-July have been sent out.

If you signed up for the beta before 4-July and have not yet received your invite email please contact me.

In other news…

I will be activating the PicasaWeb channel type today or tomorrow.  This will allow you to include photos from PicasaWeb users’ Public folders in your frame.

I may take a break from photo sharing services and have a go at weather next. 😉


UPDATE: A few of the last batch of invite messages went out missing a key bit of info.  If your link takes you to the main page rather than the registration page you are affected by this bug.  I’m working on a fix now.  Sorry about the confusion.