Clarification on PicasaWeb support, and a few bug fixes

Some folks are having trouble with the new Picasaweb support in FrameAlbum.  I can certainly understand why, I didn’t do a particularly good job explaining it.  I’ll give it another go…

When you add a PicasaWeb channel you are asked to provide your PicasaWeb username; for most people this is your GMail address.  Please do not use your numeric user ID (very large numeric value that you may see on your Profile page link).  I do plan on adding support for using the profile ID value but it is not ready for release.

The system will then search for a album named ‘Public’ in your PicasaWeb account.  Any pictures in this album, and only this album, will be added to your frame’s feed.  No other albums are searched or will be included in the feed.  This is the largest area of confusion and generates more than half of all the questions I receive.  Sorry about that.

It’s clear that I need to change this — I’m interested in feedback from everyone on this issue.  Please let me know, via the comments below, how you would like the PicasaWeb feature to work.  Do you want all your public photos included in the feed?  Only specific albums included?  Inquiring minds want to know!

I also rolled out two fixes on the site — First is a fix that makes it possible to delete frames from your account.  The second is a cosmetic issue that most people will likely never notice.