Changes to PicasaWeb support – it now works for a lot more people

Based on feedback I received to yesterday’s post I spent a few hours yesterday re-writing the PicasaWeb feed grabber.  This new version pulls all public images in your PicasaWeb account regardless of the name of the album.  I think this better matches folks expectation of how it should work and puts it into parity with the Flickr photostream grabber.

I also added a feature that converts HTTPS links to standard HTTP.  I’ve found that some frames do not support HTTPS and therefore were not displaying PicasaWeb images that included HTTPS in the link (which is most/all of them).

The net effect of these changes is that PicasaWeb photos are now appearing on many more frames!  If you have configured a PicasaWeb channel and are still not seeing any photos on your frame please contact me.