Yes Virginia, Toshiba frames are supported by FrameAlbum

Someone asked this in a comment and I thought it worthy of a full post.  This applies to any frame that does not support a ‘Custom Photo RSS’ feed.

Unfortunately, both of these solutions require a bit of geekery.  I’ve, so far, been unsuccessful in my attempts to get (whats left of) the FrameChannel folks to redirect the domain to FrameAlbum.  The domain is registered through 2013 so any hopes of grabbing it after it expires are on-hold for now.  A few friendly suggestions to FrameChannel support from disappointed consumers may help them decide. 😉

There are two ways in which you can use your Toshiba frames with FrameAlbum:

If you run a DNS server (some home routers have this feature) you can configure it to redirect the domain to I use an open source firewall/router (m0n0wall) that allows me to override specific DNS requests and replace them with my own responses.  Specifically, you want to redirect to and to  Owners of D-Link frames will also have to redirect to, you guessed it,

You can configure your frames to use the FrameAlbum DNS server which will redirect the requests automatically. I have built a public DNS server that contains the correct configuration to redirect all communications from your frame to the FrameAlbum service.  To specify a DNS server usually requires that you configure your frame to have a static IP address.

The more astute of you will ask ‘Hey, why don’t I just point my home router at FrameAlbum’s DNS server and be done with it?’  Well, because it isn’t a general purpose DNS server (it won’t resolve domains that are not required by frames).  And, it would be just plain rude. 😉

I haven’t yet published the details of the FrameAlbum DNS server but if you are interested in giving it a try I’ll happily share the necessary info.  Ping me via any of the methods listed on the Contact Me(e Mee) page and I’ll fill you in.