FrameAlbum, Allllmooooost ready….

Pre-registration is going strong; 250+ so far.  Thank you to all that have registered so far.

The web front-end is almost ready.  It’s butt-ugly but I’m a fan of the ‘make it work THEN make it pretty’ design philosophy. 😉  I should be releasing a few pre-registrations this weekend.

So far, only public Flickr feeds are supported.  Picasa is next on my list.

What feeds would you like to see supported?

14 thoughts on “FrameAlbum, Allllmooooost ready….”

  1. Picasa is the the main one for me, but generic RSS is useful as it can cover most things not covered explicitly like Flickr and Picasa.

  2. I’m very excited. Thanks for taking this on. I use a ton of news rss feeds, but I didn’t know if you were focusing mostly on photo feeds first.

  3. I hate to say it…

    Facebook. We want our families’ pictures, and that’s where they post them.

  4. Weather forecasts and stock prices, please. I used to get Toronto’s 3 day forcast and Apple’s stock price from Framechannel.


  5. @Steve: Both of those are on my personal ‘want list’ as well. Those are a bit trickier than the photo sharing feeds but I do intend to implement them.

  6. There were two great thing about FC: 1. it could mix several feeds. 2. It could receive photos by email.

    I wouldn’t expect you to support #2 directly.

    If FrameAlbum could mix say Facebook with a photosharing feed that accepted images by email that would be ideal.

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