Wanna see some pictures? FrameAlbum ready for feed testing!

I’ve decided to focus first on the creation of custom Photo RSS feeds so that folks who are unable/unwilling to manipulate their DNS servers to redirect the old FramChannel URLs will be able to use FrameAlbum.

I’d like some folks to test the demo feed I’ve built using the FrameAlbum service.  This is not a hand-coded RSS feed, it was built and served completely by the new service.

To participate in the testing all you need do is enter this URL into your frame’s ‘Custom Photo URL’ feed feature:


Please let me know if you have any issues.


14 thoughts on “Wanna see some pictures? FrameAlbum ready for feed testing!”

  1. What about a D-Link DSM-210. Another poster said it’s framechannel feeds only. What can I do? Will I be able to use framealbum? I have a d-link DIR-655 router, and you mentioned in an earlier thread that you don’t see a way to set up a dns server (thank a lot for taking a quick look there) . Am I at a dead end here, or will your continued development touch on including the D-Link DSM-210 frame?

  2. I also have it working on a W1020. I haven’t tested it for long, but it is bringing up the feed without any problems. Keep up the good work!

  3. I think can’t change the framechannel url or run my own DNS server at home to redirect the framechannel url to framealbum. Is there an online service to do this? That way I can use a static IP on my frame and fill in another DNS service…

  4. @Nick: I’ve contemplated setting up a custom DNS server for folks to use in this way. I’ve done some preliminary testing and it does work as expected.

    If I were to open up a DNS server it would redirect ONLY the framechannel domans and NOT be a general purpose DNS server. This should be fine for photo frames that only used FrameAlbum but not-so-much if you also used another feed such as Flickr/Picasa/etc. Of course, if you are using FrameAlbum why would you need another feed? 😉

  5. I get an error with your URL using Google Photos Screensaver: (Photos not available)

  6. @Paul — Interesting… The RSS feeds validate as being in compliance with the standard. I’ll have to try using Google Reader to see if it pulls the feed correctly.

  7. @Paul: Google Reader takes the feeds just fine. I’ve added the ‘title’ attribute to the feed so the photo titles now appear along with a link to the image. Give the feed another try and see if it likes it any better.

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